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scylla is a new Hi-Res audio player app featuring “Easy”, “Much”, and “Comfortable”.

Already there are a lot of good audio player apps, but they are a little difficult and complex.
scylla was developed with a focus on being simple.
Of course controllable from Apple Watch.
If you want, scylla tells the artist name and title of the now-playing song.

Additional to your music library, you can import your songs from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, …
Also FLAC *1, DSD *1, and OggVorbis is supported.
All songs can be chosen from one screen simply.
The playlist does not depend on the type of songs.

10 bands EQ is available for your preference.
When you'd like to concentrate, connect to USB DAC / portable amp for awesome sound quality.
DoP (DSD over PCM) feature brings the world's best sound. *2

*1 Playback FLAC / DSD song feature is In-App Purchase option
*2 DoP playback feature is In-App Purchase option


もちろんApple Watchからも操作できます。

あなたのマイミュージックに加えて、iCloud DriveやDropboxにあるあなたの音楽も取り込むことができます。
FLAC *1、DSD *1、OggVorbisも大丈夫。

音楽に没頭したいときにはUSB DACやポタアンをつないで最高の音で聴きましょう。
DoP (DSD over PCM)できけば世界最高の音質がお供します。*2

*1 FLAC、DSD再生はアプリ内購入オプションです
*2 DoP再生はアプリ内購入オプションです


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