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Important Notice

Thanks for playing with bs-16i AUv3.

Unfortunately, the current identifier of bs-16i AUv3 turned out to be out of Apple's specification. So validation of bs-16i AUv3 in Logic Pro on M1 Mac fails now, and it shows “You are using incompatible Audio Units.” warning.

That identifier should be replaced at the next update. At that time, the settings of this AUv3 will not be taken over automatically.

To keep your current settings, please proceed with the following steps.

1. Make sure bs-16i version 4.1.x is installed (now available at AppStore)
2. Open your project including bs-16i AUv3 in the host app

3. Open "Settings > Scenes" screen inside bs-16i AUv3 (This feature is available from version 4.1)

4. Tap "Save As a New Scene..."



5. Save current settings as "my scene", as an example.



6. Once the next update version 4.2 will be available (Already released on April 15th, 2021), your AUv3 host will fail to load bs-16i AUv3 when you load your project. Then, please reload "bs-16i" AUv3 in that project.
7. Restore settings from "Settings > Scenes” of bs-16i AUv3’s screen


Apologize for the inconvenience. Once all procedure will be completed, bs-16i and it's AUv3 will have compatibility with M1 Mac and Logic Pro.

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